Fizz Fizz1HAPPY TAILS – a note from Piper’s mom: Just want to put it out to the Angels of Hope Rescue that Piper aka Fizz is doing well. Piper is 6 months old and probably close to 40lbs. Piper is well loved and happy. Thank you!!!
Thanks Hope for loving her


Simon Simon1

HAPPY TAILS – Simon now known as Oakley loving his forever home. A note from his mom: He has transformed from a shy puppy to an outgoing and energetic dog. He loves having play dates with his cousin Case and curling up in your lap for a nap afterwards. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to raise and care for such loving animal. He truly is a blessing to our little family. All your hard work and tireless efforts to find animals such as Oakley a loving home is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Darci & Travis for loving him



Pixie Pixie1HAPPY TAILS – here’s Pixie now known as Bailey loving her forever family. Thanks to Allison Sweet & family for loving her.  A note from her mom : She’s an active, smart, very loved puppy. Thanks for letting her join our family.She’s a perfect puppy…. In that she’s curious, chews everything, barks, and jumps. All in all she’s adorable and has terrible manners. We have her in a weekly obedience class now, she’s kind and fun and we love her so!!



Sully9HAPPY TAILS – Sully has joined his forever family in Minot, ND. Thanks to the Owen family for loving this beautiful boy


turboturbo3 Turbo4


HAPPY TAILS – Turbo now known as Dexter loving his new family!! Thanks Shayne & Sherry for loving him. A note from his new mom: He is such a good dog and we have both been endlessly impressed with him and feel so lucky to have gotten such a good puppy. Thank you so much for everything we are so happy with him he is a perfect fit for our family