Smoky & Rocky

HAPPY TAILS – here’s our cute kittens Smoky & Bandit (Rocky) loving life with their fur ever family. Thanks to Jana & family of Canora for loving them



Chesney Chesney1HAPPY TAILS – Chesney now known as Bronx loving life with his family in Edmonton. A note from his mom: Bronx loves the dog park, listens very well, enjoys his little brother the Maltese/Yorkie & seems to think he is also a lap dog! He has been an amazing addition & continues to surprise us everyday with how smart & obedient he is!!
Thanks for the update Mallory & loving this handsome boy


Marley Marley1 Marley2






HAPPY TAILS – Marley enjoying life in her forever home – still a couch cuddler! Thanks Steve & family for loving her




Hope4UPDATE – Hope has had four surgeries. She is healed and doing very well.

Hope was brought in to Prairie East Vet Clinic in Langenburg by a kind lady who had found her and realized she was not walking properly. It was soon discovered that both her femurs had been broken sometime in the past. We were contacted to see if we could help this sweet girl & after consulting with several vets, we knew this little one had a great chance at a long & happy life. So Hope was sent off to the Animal Health Clinic of Regina yesterday where she is in the capable hands of some awesome people. Hope had her surgery today & it went very well. 

UPDATE – our little kitten Hope had more surgery today & the vets were able to remove the rods from her one leg. X-rays showed her legs are healing nicely. Hope1

Asha & Akira


Asha & Akira – female Malamute blend pups.

Akira                                            Asha

Akira Asha











HAPPY TAILS – Cassie loving her life in her forever home. Thanks to Bob & Debbie for loving her






Cassie’s brothers have been adopted!!

Pup1Pup4Pup5 Pup2




HAPPY TAILS – Toby & Tucker – “our Wild Wapella boys” these dogs were on the run for months & many people had tried to help them & after many attempts at catching them (thanks Dr. Justin Noble) they were brought into our care March 2013. The dogs were quite feral especially Tucker – they were with us about a month & then were transferred out to a rescue in Calgary & have found their forever home together!!
A note from their wonderful foster mom: Shadow and Shiloh
Formerly Toby and Tucker from Angels of Hope. They are playing and happy and live in Calgary with their 4 golden friends, 3 cats and mom.

Relocated = 16 April 2013