About Us

AoH logoAngels of Hope Animal Rescue is a volunteer group focused on the rescue and rehoming of dogs and cats in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and surrounding area.

We are now a Registered Charity #847328333 RR0001.We are a non-profit organization that relies on public support through our fundraising events. To-date we have raised funds through community barbeques, sales of home made dog cookies, cat/dog raffle baskets, online auction, annual Walk-A-Thon and calendars – just to name a few of fundraisers. ALL funds raised go directly to the medical costs (spaying/neutering, vaccinating, medications, etc.) & food for the rescued animals from Esterhazy and district.

We are everyday ordinary people who are employed, are valued members of our communities and share one very important common interest. We are all compassionate about God’s creations, animals, and their humane treatment.

We are not trained to assess animal behaviour, nor are we equipped with the legal authority to remove animals from abusive situations. We do not have a permanent holding facility for rescued animals. We do, however, rely on individuals who will open their hearts and homes to foster or adopt rescue animals.

With the cooperation of the general public, Town Councils, RCMP, SPCA and local veterinarians, we will make every effort to help rescue domesticated animals in distress or who are homeless. Our group will provide financial assistance for those who have a pet in need of immediate medical attention and recovery. This financial aide will be at the discretion of the board members.

A further purpose of our organization is to educate the general public on various issues such as health, safety, travel tips, and making a sound decision as to whether or not a pet would blend into your current life style.

Public awareness is important and ongoing for our success. We have had exposure through local veterinarian clinics, Farmer’s Markets, Trade Shows, and through the local media. At the same time, we promote local businesses that support animal well-being.

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